CACi: Your Industry-specific A/R Solution


Companies in need of budget cuts frequently look toward elimination of training as an easy target. When training is eliminated, several things can happen and none of those happenings are good. Staff members no longer feel as valued. They fall into a rut and become stagnant in their methods, attitudes and work production. Turnover increase, or worse, a team of unmotivated demoralized employees now fill the seats of your most valuable resource — people.

CACi will assess your needs, develop a fully customized program to address those needs, provide energized workshops to address those needs and follow-up to measure how effectively your needs were met.

After attending a CACi workshop, your employees will be refreshed and reenergized and better equipped to overcome the obstacles that were holding them back from improved performance. Your employees will appreciate the investment you make in them and will reward you with reduced turnover, better attitudes and stronger results.

Let CACi’s ACA International Certified Instructors give you a risk free and cost free assessment and show you how CACi’s workshops can be of benefit.

  • Point Of Service Collections
  • Customer Service
  • Business Office Collections
  • Teamwork & Teambuilding
  • Telephone Collection Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Collection Law