The education and certification of the CACi team begins in initial classroom training, where collectors are educated by ACA International Certified Instructors on:

  • Collection law
  • Communication skills
  • Collection strategy
  • Consumer psychology
  • Persuasion and negotiation
  • Morale building and goal setting
  • Time management

All CACi collectors are required to earn ACA International PCS certification. Additionally, CACi provides on-going education through frequent reinforcement workshops across multiple training locations.


While our experience dates back to 1967, our technology remains cutting edge, including:

  • Redundant and clustered servers for high availability
  • Multiple backup locations and hot-sites
  • Web-based client portal for remote auditing and updating
  • On-site development staff to suit the needs of any change necessary
  • Custom predictive analytics ensure maximum efforts on the correct accounts
  • Single platform call center solution directly integrated with collection system
  • In-house auto-dialer, auto-messaging, and IVR with abundant capacity
  • Analytically based skip-trace waterfall

CACi is the recipient of a Collection Technology, 2010 Agency of the Year Award.


As a national operation, CACi remains compliant with federal and industry regulations, as well as state and municipality laws as required. Recognizing that compliance is an ongoing, ever-changing function, CACi invests heavily in remaining educated on current requirements and potential changes.

Because of the importance of compliance, CACi is engaged in an ongoing relationship with external compliance auditor, Morrison Fenske & Sund, P.A., an industry expert in debt collection compliance. Staying ahead of the curve, CACi avoids unnecessary liability and provides valuable insights, informing clients of compliance issues that could potentially affect their industries.


Recognizing that security is an essential element of our operations and compliance, CACi remains committed to ensuring that client and consumer information remains secure. With this priority in mind, CACi partnered with Techlock to assess, implement, and monitor our holistic data security program.

Data Security

  • PCI certified
  • SAS-70 (II) audited
  • Annual intrusion and threat detection prevention audits conducted
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems in place at all network endpoints
  • Complete and tested BCP/DRP

Physical Security

  • Biometric security systems at entry points
  • Video monitoring at entry/exit points, cash handling locations, and DT areas