Service, Results, Excellence

These are the values that drive our commitment to serve our clients through our accounts receivable management efforts.

Since 1967, CACi has excelled in AR management and bad debt collections. Since our founding, we have continually invested in the latest and greatest technology available in the collection industry while improving and refining collection techniques and methodologies, all while maintaining our mission to positively represent clients by treating consumers with compassion, dignity, and respect. Utilizing our decades of experience, we continue to provide exceptional accounts receivable liquidation service and bad debt collections results.

Our Philosophy

At CACi, we always treat consumers with the highest level of respect.

At CACi, we treat each consumer with respect.

In addition to maintaining a high moral standard, CACi operates with the knowledge that respectful interactions are proven to be incremental in the recovery of every account. At CACi, we pride ourselves on the high quality of service we provide to our clients, and supporting the positive image that each of our clients has built is imperative to that commitment. CACi teams recognize that our performance, client relations, and value added services each provide an opportunity to exceed each client’s expectations.

Collector’s Pledge

  • I believe every person has a worth as an individual.
  • I believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • I will make it my personal responsibility to help consumers find ways to pay their just debts.
  • I will be professional and ethical.
  • I commit to honoring this pledge.

In the summer of 2009, ACA International began promoting an international acknowledgment program for collectors and companies to agree to conduct business in an ethical, responsible, and professional manner. Whereas most collectors subscribe to this approach, it had never before been formally represented, and certainly not on an international scale. CACi continues to be a marquee representation of this initiative with every employee voluntarily signing the pledge. Signing the Collector’s Pledge is now part of all new hire training and is required for employment at CACi.

Our Mission

CACi will provide the highest quality of service to our clients, maintain the positive public image of those clients, protect the dignity of their patrons, and enhance the overall perception of the industries in which we work.

Our Vision

CACi will continuously redefine the accounts receivable management industry through innovation, communication, education, and technology. We will diligently seek to exceed the expectations of our clients and set new standards in our industry.

Our Values

At CACi we believe that only by providing superior service and achieving exceptional results in an ethical and professional manner can excellence be achieved.


In August 2005, CACi became the 26th company in the world to earn the Professional Practices Management (PPMS) certification from ACA International.

For our clients, this means that CACi’s strong audited policies and procedures are well documented through a series of certification requirements ensuring that CACi avoids convolution in the recovery process, non-conformities are tracked, modified, and audited to ensure full resolution, and continuous improvements are tracked to monitor progress. Through certification and recertification, CACi has proven to be a company that is continually striving for, and improving upon, best practices, including:

  • PPMS Certification management system
  • Recording of collection calls
  • Monthly SMART (Systems, Mechanics, Attitude, Results, Time Management) reviews with each collector
  • Quality assurance audits, conducted randomly and regularly
  • Quality recognition awards for excellence in performance
  • Documented continuous improvement program