At CACi all efforts and operations are conducted with a compassionate, consumer-centric, compliance, security driven mindset. Below outlines the key components of how we achieve our success.

Data Security & Privacy

An incredibly wise man once said, “If you’re going to overspend, data security is a good place to do it.” no truer words have been uttered. With enemy states and hackers focusing on data theft and ransom, now more than ever is a robust physical and data security system critical to any and all successful companies, no matter size or service.

CACi employs multiple disparate third-party partners to administer an overlapping layered approach to data security. This includes:

  • SOC I and SOC II certifications
  • Working toward PCI certification (but currently PCI/DSS compliant)
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • GLBA Compliant
  • TCPA Compliant
  • Weekly penetration scans
  • Annual external penetration testing
  • Secure endpoint protection
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems in place at all network endpoints
  • Firewall and log management/ threat detection
  • Complete and tested BCP/DRP


At CACi, we don’t believe compliance is a thing. We believe it is simply part of everything. If you are not doing something compliantly, then you are not doing it correctly.

As a national operation, CACi remains compliant with federal regulations, as well as state and municipality laws as required for the various industries and applications within which we work.

Recognizing that compliance is an ongoing, ever-changing function, CACi invests heavily in remaining educated on current requirements and potential changes.


At CACi we have always treated every person with which we work with the highest level of respect. We believe that this is both the morally right thing to do and imperative to building a culture of success.

We foster and build this mindset from onset with the initial screening of job candidates, to initial training, through re-enforcement training and top to bottom educational exercises. All employees are well educated with periodic interval and ad hoc reinforcement training that includes interacting on the telephone and electronically, data security awareness, privacy standards and best practices, compliance updates, and other relevant topics.

We pride ourselves on the relentless pursuit of superlative service and results. We seek to “WOW” our clients with every opportunity from client relations to delivering results.