CACi: Your Industry-specific A/R Solution


We realize that all too often providers are asked to do more with fewer FTE.

With this challenge in mind, CACi structured programs to alleviate the burden from cumbersome business office functions that providers rely on for strong revenue streams. The BOTTOM LINE is CACi will reduce your days outstanding and bring resolution to your accounts while maintaining your positive public image and protecting the dignity of your patients in a complaint sensitive environment.

Self Pay Early Out

The most essential element in efficient recovery of delinquent accounts receivable is timing, specifically, early contact. The earlier an account is contacted; the greater amount recovered. When your business office or collection team is overburdened, many of these accounts will sit until they are charged off to bad debt and placed with an agency, or simply lost.

When CACi is allowed to intervene prior to significant aging, many accounts can be prevented from charge off. Utilizing CACi's expertise and resources, you can accelerate your recoveries for a fraction of the cost of using your in house team, or not treating the accounts at all.

With CACi's pre-collection account representatives' professional training in customer service and collection techniques, you can be confident that the relationship you have built with your customer base will go untarnished, as your delinquencies are greatly diminished.

Early Out Insurance Resolutions

In the medical industry, insurance follow up can be a costly and exhausting process. The professional and experienced insurance team at CACi can assist at any and all steps along the way. Whether providing initial billing, re-billing, telephone follow-up, denial appeals, workman's compensation filing and follow up, third party liability management, or a number of other services, our team has the expertise and resources to monitor, manage and recapture your money.

If granted access, CACi representatives can work remotely on your system to provide real-time updates. We conduct all activity under the strictest enforcement of HIPAA guidelines to ensure compliance at all times.

Early Out Payment Monitoring

The FTE that you do have are invaluable. Their time is dedicated to creating the most new money from the most valuable buckets. Is that time best served monitoring paying accounts, slow paying accounts and broken payment promises? CACi can manage this valuable, yet time consuming bucket for you with timely letter series and professional telephone calls to increase and accelerate these recoveries.

Bad Debt Collection

The face of typical debt collection efforts has transformed over recent years. With technological capabilities reaching new heights, your accounts will receive efficient and effective efforts that will accelerate and increase your liquidation.

Accounts are processed through CACi's custom analytics system then segregated based on payment probability and efforts necessary to motivate payment.

CACi processes accounts through our custom analytics system, then segregates them based on payment probability and efforts necessary to motivate payment. Our team skip-traces accounts prior to treatment, providing updated information and additional contact touch points. Additionally, your accounts are treated by trained and certified collectors who will protect your positive public image and maintain the dignity of your customer base, while accelerating the recovery of your bad debt.

Accounts Receivable Clean-Up Projects

Whether your staff is down, a system glitch causes an accounts receivable bubble, or you are entering or surviving a system conversion, you now have additional accounts receivable that are aging, and you simply don't have the resources to play, catch up and stay timely on current tasks. In cases like these, CACi has the capabilities to step in and treat your entire accounts receivable log jam, or specific portions of it, while allowing your team to focus on your newest receivables.

Worker's Compensation/Lien Processing

Both Workers' Compensation claims and Lien Processing are valuable but time consuming processes that are long and drawn out. If close attention and frequent communication is not maintained, large payments can be missed and go completely unpaid. CACi's team is experienced in working with attorneys, providers and insurance companies to make sure that all claims are properly submitted, managed, and resolved.

Temporary Staff Supplementation

The continuous functionality of your team is critical to your business success. Unfortunately, interruptions happen when people miss work, sometimes for extended periods of time. Even when employee attendance is not an issue, occasionally an additional project or increased workload overburdens even the most efficient teams. In these instances, CACi can place trained professionals either at your location or remotely at our location (when granted access to your system) to alleviate the pressures of missing staff or an increased workload.

Client Workshops

CACi Certified Instructors will customize training modules to suit your unique needs to improve areas of concern including POS collections, Teamwork, Telephone Collection Skills, Communications and Collection Law. Facilities that have received our workshops consistently state that their staff is more motivated and their bottom line numbers increase immediately.