CACi: Recovering Accounts with Respect


In August 2005, CACi became the 26th company in the world to earn the Professional Practices Management (PPMS) certification from ACA International.

For our clients, this means that CACi's strong audited policies and procedures are well documented through a series of certification requirements ensuring that CACi avoids convolution in the recovery process, non-conformities are tracked, modified, and audited to ensure full resolution, and continuous improvements are tracked to monitor progress. Through certification and recertification, CACi has proven to be a company that is continually striving for, and improving upon, best practices, including:

  • PPMS Certification management system
  • Recording of collection calls
  • Monthly SMART (Systems, Mechanics, Attitude, Results, Time Management) reviews with each collector
  • Quality assurance audits, conducted randomly and regularly
  • Quality recognition awards for excellence in performance
  • Documented continuous improvement program